Le Sorelle is a project of siblings Kim and Tennille Chalmers; the name itself means the sisters in Italian. The Chalmers girls grew up surrounded by vines and after pursuing their own independent careers for ten years - Kim in music and Tennille in hospitality - they have both succumbed to the inherent passion for viticulture and vino and joined the family business of growing grapes and making wine.

Le Sorelle is a single vineyard Heathcote shiraz from the Chalmers vineyard on the northern end of the Mt Camel range. The vines for the Le Sorelle Shiraz were propagated from a special vine selection out of the Chalmers family's original nursery block. Le Sorelle shiraz is grown in the famous red Cambrian earth of the region, tended with care, hand picked and made in small quantities each vintage.

The concept of making shiraz is a new direction for the Chalmers girls whose family already produces two other ranges of Italian varietal wines. Their philosophy has always focused on growing the right variety to suit the environment, so when it came to Heathcote, it made sense to produce shiraz. Le Sorelle is a wine which speaks of the terroir but is also inspired by the elegant, savoury and finely structured red wine styles Kim and Tennille love to drink.


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